You’re absolutely the best person to market your business… but do you really have the time to do it properly?

Content marketing is now such a fast-growing aspect of the wider marketing mix that some experts reckon that by 2027, there will ONLY be content marketing. All the rest: conventional adverts, fliers, Direct Mail, cold-calling, will be history.

That’s probably overstating things, but in an era when search engines and social media increasingly control a large chunk of what people read, see and buy, it’s logical to conclude that businesses who don’t have a credible content marketing strategy in place risk being left behind.

The good news is, even the smallest of businesses can create their own engaging content without spending a fortune. The even better news is, they can do it without handing over a load of cash to third parties to get up and running.

The first step might be as simple as starting a weekly blog that you link to social media. As long as you maintain a commitment to spending a couple of hours a week on writing the blog, posting it then spreading the word on social media – that’s a strategy.

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Doing it when you remember, then sending a few random Tweets or Status updates when you can be bothered – that isn’t a strategy.

And here’s the rub. You, the business owner is absolutely the best person to do this sort of content marketing, but do you have the time, week in, week out, to do a proper job?

If not, it may be worth talking to a content marketing professional about getting some help.

What takes you a couple of hours and often sits near the bottom of a long weekly ‘to do’ list might only involve a bit of work for a skilled copywriter.

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Author: Mark Sutcliffe

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