Salar Media signs up to 1% for the Planet

Commitment to fund environmental projects reflects sustainable growth ambitions

We’re proud to confirm that Salar Media Services has committed to membership of 1% for the Planet – a global network of environmentally engaged businesses and individuals who donate 1% of their turnover to make a positive environmental impact.

1% for the Planet certifies all member donations – legitimizing members’ commitment by reviewing and confirming sales and donation details annually.

To date, members have invested more than $250 million in environmental non-profit solutions through the 1% for the Planet network.

We’ve been working to put the business on a more sustainable footing for the last five years and membership of 1% for the Planet consolidates upon a string of sustainability measures we’ve implemented since 2015, including:

  • Using an e-bike for shorter journeys and commuting
  • Adopting a ‘no-fly’ policy for business trips
  • Undertaking reduced rate and pro bono work for charities and not-for-profits
  • Volunteering with environmental charities

Some see ESG as a ‘luxury’ that they can ill afford in such challenging times, but we see sustainability as a future-proof growth strategy that is central to building back better.

One of the logical outcomes of joining 1% for the Planet is that Salar Media will be actively seeking to work with more clients in the environment and sustainability sector in future.

NGOs, charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises in the sustainability and environment sector can get in touch here for a free, no-obligation chat about comms and engagement strategy.

Over the last year, I have also undertaken reduced rate pro bono work for environmental charities, and this is something I aim to expand as part of Salar Media’s 1% for the Planet membership.

For any charities out there who are struggling to juggle content and social media, do get in touch if you need additional ad hoc resource for your comms and engagement strategy.

Find out more about 1% for the Planet:

Author: Mark Sutcliffe

Freelance content consultant and editor specialising in the outdoors, environment, sustainability, walking and cycling.

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