How investing in great content can reboot your email marketing and re-engage customers post-GDPR

After all the kerfuffle over GDPR, now is a great time to review and update your web content to make sure it’s relevant, engaging and bang up to date.

If you’re sitting there, staring in horror at a decimated customer database and wondering how to replenish your email list, then fear not – you certainly aren’t alone.

The best way to replace the customers who have dropped off your database is by creating some awesome, original, targeted content, put it up on your website and bang it out via social media.

Contrary to the received wisdom, as long as you have a legitimate reason for getting in touch with existing customers, you are almost certainly compliant with the new GDPR regulations to continue to send out relevant email marketing shots.

But it’s vital to consider the quality of the content you’re actually sending out. How many of those increasingly desperate emails begging us to sign up to continue receiving an e-newsletter actually persuaded anyone to engage?

Pinging out 10,000 emails to addresses gathered over the last decade might seem like smart marketing, but if the recipients aren’t engaging, is it really worthwhile?

So now is the perfect time to work out what makes your customers click.

For many businesses, the whole web content is often a time-consuming, frustrating, and uncertain process.

So before phoning the techies down at the web developers, pause and ask yourself a couple of simple questions:

What’s your website for?
Who is it targeted at?
What sort of content are you going to put on it?

Answer these questions honestly and the whole process of designing and maintaining your website, maintaining an engaging social media feed and working out whether your digital marketing is delivering a Return on Investment will get a whole lot easier.

How? Click here to find out.

Author: Mark Sutcliffe

Freelance content consultant and editor specialising in the outdoors, environment, sustainability, walking and cycling.

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